Friday, March 22, 2013

Pre-Trial in a Family Law Case

Today's topic is what is a pre-trial in a divorce, parentage, or family law matter in the Circuit Court of Dupage County or the Circuit Court of Kane County.  Simply put, a pre-trial is designed to promote compromise and settlement.  In most family law cases, both parents or sides decide to settle because the risks of going to trial can be great and expensive.  Yesterday, we had a pre-trial and quite frankly, this is a case that everybody including me believed was going to trial prior to yesterday's pri-trial conference.

The reason pre-trial conferences work is because a Judge is a neutral party and pushes both sides to do what they do not want to do.  It becomes easier to settle a case when a Judge allows both sides to know how the case looks and the risks become evidence along with the rising legal fees.  In our case, the legal fees will likely be $6,000 or greater to prepare for trial along with around $2,000 in costs.  Thus, the economic reality of trial for both sides is expensive.  When it comes to a divorce or child custody case, many people including parents decide their children's future is worth the investment.

Generally, a pre-trial conferences includes a pre-trial memorandum that asserts the legal argument and position of that side with regards to the strengths of their case.  Thus, the pre-trial memorandum's goal is to clearly articulate the strength of one's case.  In conclusion, a pre-trial is a strategy by the court system in Dupage County and Kane County designed to encourage compromise and settlement.

Sean Robertson is a family and domestic relation's attorney that specializes in contested and uncontested divorce and family law matters such as child custody and visitation issues, dissipation of marital assets, property division (in a divorce) case, and orders of protection ranging from emergency to plenary orders of protection in the counties of Dupage, Kane, Kendall, Will, Cook, and DeKalb Counties.

Sean Robertson is Managing Partner of Robertson Law Group, LLC, which is a four (4) attorney law firm mostly concentrating in family and domestic relation's law.  Our primary office is located in North Aurora and Joliet, Illinois.  We can be reached at 630-800-2033.  The firm'w website is

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